Content Moderation
for Social Media Platforms

Formulate an engaging, safe, and interactive online community with the help of our cutting-edge content moderation services. We combine technology and human expertise to ensure optimal user experience.

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Why is Content Moderation necessary for your Platform?

In today's digital world, your social platform is your brand's virtual face. Content moderation aids in maintaining your brand reputation, preventing cyberbullying, ensuring user satisfaction and compliance with digital laws.

Transform Your Social Media Platform with Our Content Moderation Services

Whether it's maintaining brand reputation, improving user satisfaction, or staying compliant with international digital laws, content moderation is indispensably crucial.

Brand Reputation Management

Prevention of Cyberbullying

Improved User Satisfaction

Spam Score: 93%
Sentiment: Neutural
Toxicity Score: 93%
User Reputation: 67%
Sentiment: Positive

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Content Moderation on Social Media

What is content moderation?

Content moderation includes monitoring and managing the content added to your social media platform to ensure it adheres to the platform’s policies and guidelines.

Why is content moderation important?

Content moderation is vital to maintain a safe and positive user environment. It helps protect your brand’s reputation, boost user engagement, and prevent illegal or inappropriate content.

How does content moderation protect my brand?

Content moderation safeguards your brand by preventing potentially harmful or damaging content from being posted to your platform, ensuring a safe community and preserving your brand’s image.

How can content moderation boost user satisfaction?

Content moderation can enhance user satisfaction by ensuring a safe, engaging and spam-free community for your users. It can also prevent offensive or harmful content from affecting users’ platform experience.

Can content moderation protect my platform from legal liabilities?

Yes, content moderation can help your platform comply with relevant digital laws and regulations, thereby preventing potential legal liabilities.

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Why use Moderation API?

Leading A.I. Technology

Our machine learning models are trained on enormous amounts of data which makes it the best available.

A team of experts at your service

Implementing AI can be hard to get right, luckily we're here to help you and your team all the way from start to launch to ongoing maintainance.

Simple To Integrate

We provide a simple API that integrates with any backend, or use one of our no-code integrations.

GDPR & CCPA Compliant

The content you send to moderate is never stored or accessed by humans.

Keeps Improving

We keep us updated in with the latest research and technology so you don't have to. You always get the best AI available.

Fast Response Times

Fast response times makes the moderation perfect for real-time communication.

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