Detect Political Speech, Bias, and Sensitive Topics With Automated Content Moderation

Automatically detect political speech and sensitive topics in your content. Keep your community on topic and create a healthy platform for discussion.

✓ No card required

✓ GDPR & CCPA Compliant

✓ Simple Integration

Identify and prevent political speech and sensitive topics

Prevent tribalism and cancel culture from taking over your community, by automatically detecting unwanted political speech and sensitive topics before it happens.

"Make America Great Again"
"All Lives Matter"
"My Body, My Choice"
"Climate Change HOAX"

Create custom models to detect specific topics or bias

If you wish more fine-grained control over your data, you can create custom models to detect specific topics or bias.

Obama is the best president everProgressive
Weed should be legal everywhereProgressive
We are a company of 12, is it possible to get us a reservation?
We need to stop climate changeProgressive
Keep preserving our history and heritage!Conservative
Social justice is a good thingProgressive
Republicans are the bestConservative

Get insights on bias and sentiment

Find out if content is biased towards a specific topic or sentiment. Use the Moderation API to analyze, detect, and get actionable insights.

Political Speech

Foster a safe and healthy space

Flag content that's off-topic or inappropriate for your community. Keep your users engaged and focused on the conversation.

Toxicity: 93%
Sexism: 5%
Discrimination: 71%
Spam Score: 67%
Sentiment: Positive
Personal data
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Why use Moderation API?

Leading A.I. Technology

Our machine learning models are trained on enormous amounts of data which makes it the best available.

A team of experts at your service

Implementing AI can be hard to get right, luckily we're here to help you and your team all the way from start to launch to ongoing maintainance.

Simple To Integrate

We provide a simple API that integrates with any backend, or use one of our no-code integrations.

GDPR & CCPA Compliant

The content you send to moderate is never stored or accessed by humans.

Keeps Improving

We keep us updated in with the latest research and technology so you don't have to. You always get the best AI available.

Fast Response Times

Fast response times makes the moderation perfect for real-time communication.

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